Boys Slim Leg Trouser Black

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Senior boys slim leg trouser. Flat front with slimmer leg. 2 buttoned back pockets. Fully lined waistband with internal waist adjuster. Machine washable.

All our Trutex garments are Made to Last, with superior fabrics and construction that ensure our school uniform will be grown out of before it’s worn out.

Please note we stock sizes 28 short to 40 regular, any other sizes can be ordered on  a pre-order basis in store subject to availability.  

Waist Size
Waist Size
Inside Leg
Inside Leg
Size Guide
22S 56cm 28" 71cm 11 years
22R 56cm 30" 76cm 11 years
24S 61cm 28" 71cm 12 years
24R 61cm 30" 76cm 12 years
26S 66cm 28" 71cm 13 years
26R 66cm 30" 76cm 13 years
28S 71cm 28" 71cm 14 years
28R 71cm 30" 76cm 14 years
28L 71cm 32" 81cm 14 years
30S 76cm 28" 71cm 15-16 years
30R 76cm 30" 76cm 15-16 years
30L 76cm 32" 81cm 15-16 years
32S 81cm 28" 71cm  
32R 81cm 30" 76cm  
32L 81cm 32" 81cm  
34S 86cm 28" 71cm  
34R 86cm 30" 76cm  
34L 86cm 32" 81cm  
36S 91cm 28" 71cm  
36R 91cm 30" 76cm  
38R 96.5cm 30" 76cm  
40R 101.5cm 30" 76cm