Opro Snr Snap Fit Braces Mouthguard

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Our Snap-Fit styles for those with fixed braces need no moulding before use, making them perfect as an entry level mouthguard for braces. If you need a spare, why not add one of our classic Snap-Fit designs to your collection? You’ll never miss a game because of a misplaced gum shield again!

Based on our Queens award-winning original Snap-Fit design, this mouthguard for braces is available in a variety of colour options. Choose from four bright colours that are sure to make you stand out - and will be less likely to get lost in your kit bag! The innovative fit of this style means you’re fully protected for a variety of sports, such as rugby, hockey, or martial arts. You can trust that our unbeaten retention has your back as soon as you open the packet.


  • Specifically designed for those with braces
  • No need to mould
  • Includes a detachable strap
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Dental warranty up to £5,000